Caf?s, Pastry Shops

Though caf?s are not as important in Hungary today as they were between the wars, Budapest still has many famous coffeeestablishments and many good pastry shops.

It is the town’s No. 1, coffeehouse, located in the centre, in the V??r??smarty square.

It has preserved its high standard ever since it was founded 150 years ago.

It used to be owned by the Swiss Gerbeaud family who were great confectioners. People from all over the world make a pilgrimage here to taste coffee specialities or a Dobos cake. Gerbeaud is not only a confectinary, it is an architectural masterpiece from the turn of the century.

Gerbeaud has changed very little since it opened in 1858. Fine specimens of the coffee shop’s past such as two French marble fireplaces, are cherished items of its interior. On the long marble counter an enormous variety of pastries, cakes, creams and Sandwichhes are displayed.

Addresss: Budapest V. V??r??smarty t?r 7.

Near the Matthias Church this caf?, built in the 17th century, is a historical monument.

The front room has a historical cabinet holding pastries baked freshly on the premises. In another room you can sit and be served l??dl??btorta (goosefoot cake), gesztenyetorta (hestnut cake) or a good espresso coffee.

Address: Budapest I. Szenth??roms??g t?r 7.

Central Caf?
Large and recently renovated coffee house in the heart of Budapest, close to Ferenciek tere metro stop.

Meals also served.

Address: Budapest V. K??rolyi Mih??ly utca 9.

A pleasant destination point after a walk in the Buda Hill district. Fancy cakes attract customers here during the daytime, while in the evenings the Korona becomes a centre of literature: poetry readings and one-man shows entertain both the local and the international audience.

Address: Budapest I. D?sz t?r 16.

M??v?sz Caf?
In the heart of the theatre district of Budapest near the Opera House. Many of the clients are actors and musicians. The front room is always busy and crowded , the back room is suitable for intimate conversation.

Address: Budapest VI. Andr??ssy ??t 29.

Luk??cs Caf?
Established by S??ndor Luk??cs, a famous pastry chef, it was opened more than 100 years ago. Soon became one of the most frequented caf?s in town. Home made pastries and ice creams attract customers from more distant partsof the capital.

Address: Budapest VI. Andr??ssy ??t 70.

Zsolnay Caf?
(in the Radisson SAS B?ke Hotel)
Aromatic coffee is served here in famous Zsolnay porcelain, the delicacies are accompanied by soft sounding harp music.

Address: Budapest VI. Ter?z k??r??t 43.

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