Traffic in Hungary


Required Documents

  • Driving license
  • Liability insurance. (Insurance can be taken out at the appointed insurance companies)
  • Green card


Hungary has a public road network of over 30,000 km. Every Hungarian town and village can be reached on a sealed (paved) road.
The motorways are marked with the letter ??M?, the international roads are marked with the letter ??E??.
Seven of the 8 main roads in Hungary originate in Budapest; the eighth starts from Sz?kesfeh?rv??r and goes to R??baf??zes. The secondary roads are marked with two or more digits.

Motorways (Highways):
M1: Budapest - Hegyeshalom
M15: Hegyeshalom - Rajka (half-ready - further parts under construction)
M3: Budapest - Gy??ngy??s - F??zesabony - Polg??r (provides access to Slovakia; sections beyond are under construction)
M5: Budapest - Kiskunf?legyh??za (parts towards Szeged and the southern frontier under construction)
M7: Budapest - Balatonaliga

On 01 January 2000 motorway tickets were introduced on motorways M1, M3, M5 and M7. Drivers of cars can buy yearly tickets for 30,500 HUF, monthly tickets for 3,400 HUF, tickets valid for 10 days for 2,000 HUF and valid for 4 days 1,270 HUF. The toll booths of motorways M1 and M3 operate as ticket offices and check-points. Motorway tickets can be purchased in towns, at petrol stations near motorways, in 50 offices of the Magyar Aut??klub (Hungarian Automobile Association), and in 35 major post offices. Signs in blue-black letters are displayed where tickets are available.

Ring Road (M0)
This is presently being built around Budapest. New parts are continuously being opened for traffic. Presently it connects motorways M1, M5 and M7 and trunk-roads 6, 5, 51 and 7 without passing through Budapest.

Traffic Fines
Police may assess fines of up to 10,000 HUF on the spot; these fines have got to be paid later by cheque. In the case of major offences, police may revoke driving licences on the spot.
Important! The blood-alcohol level permitted in Hungary is 0.00%.

Areas in Budapest Closed to Public Traffic
The Castle District in Buda is a separate, restricted area (closed using barriers); drivers must pay a special fee to enter.

Passenger cars aren??t allowed to drive from Margaret Bridge onto Margaret Island. Passenger cars may enter from ?rp??d Bridge, but only to the car park at the hotels.

Driving is restricted in the following areas: ??budai Island, R??mai part, N?pliget and V??rosliget.

Driving is prohibited in the downtown shopping precincts.

Further information on public roads
Information on public roads:
??tinform: Tel: 00-36-1-336-2400 (non-stop)

Information on traffic in Budapest:
Fovinform: Tel: 00-36-1-317-1173 (non-stop)

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