Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian cuisine has preserved much from the old times and has been influenced by its ethnic groups and from abroad as well.

Many dishes are from the surrounding Slavic peoples, Turks introduced new spices and great number of pastries were imported from Austria.
Most of the dishes are made of beef, chicken, pork or fish and cooked in lard. Onion, paprika, sour cream and garlic give the final typical Hungarian flavour.

The famous red paprika is ground in the mills of Szeged and Kalocsa. Hungarian housewives use sweet (?des) or hot (er??s) paprika. Paprika is also a feature of soups, which have a much more important role in the eating habits of Hungarians then perhaps anywhere else in the world. Goulash or “guly??s“as we call it, is the most famous soup. Yes, guly??s is a soup in Hungary, first made by shepherds and cowboys. It is made of beef cooked with chopped onion, potatoes and of course, paprika. What the rest of the world calls guly??s is a stew in this country, and we call it “p??rk??lt“. It is usually made of beef, mutton, pork or chicken. With p??rk??lt we eat galuska, incorrectly translated as “dumplings” on most menus. Galuska are tiny pieces of pasta.

Other famous soups are fish soup (hal??szl?), J??kai bean soup (J??kai bableves) and ??jh??zi chicken soup (??jh??zi ty??kh??sleves).
Another Hungarian classic is stuffed cabbage with sausage a l?? Kolozsv??r, (Kolozsv??ri t??lt??tt k??poszta). The leaves contain pork, bacon and rice.
Hortob??gyi pancake (Hortob??gyi palacsinta) is a thin crepe stuffed with meat, and eaten it with chocolate, jam or cottage cheese. Another dessert is strudel (r?tes). You have a wide choice: apple, cherry or cottage chese and they are all delicious!

Hungary is a wine producing and wine consuming country and we are very proud of them indeed.

However, the proper way to start a meal is with a glass of apricot brandy (Barackp??linka). with your meal you can try some white wine: either the sweet Debr??i h??rslevel?? or a wine from the northern shore of Lake Balaton: Badacsonyi K?knyel?? or Sz??rkebar??t. Of the red wines the most famous one comes from Eger: Bikav?r (Bull’s Blood in English). Our favourites are Pinot noir and Vill??nyi Burgundi. After dinner you should try the “King of wines, wine of Kings” the world famous Tokaji Asz??, which is made with grapes that have been left on the wine to shriyel from “noble rot”. Other Tokaj is a small village in northern Hungary. Volcanic soil, hot Indian summers and the long traditions of winemaking contribute to the world wide fame of Tokay wines. If you prefer non alkoholic drinks, many wellknown soft drinks are available.

But when you are in Hungary sample one of our mineral waters (??sv??nyv?z). “Szentkir??lyi” is world famous now.

As for the native beer… we recommend you to try the “Arany ??szok” or the “Soproni ??szok“.

In Hungary we make a strong espresso coffee (eszpressz??k??v?).

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